Is SEAL Team Season 6 on Amazon?

SEAL Team Season 6 Key Art -- Courtesy of Paramount+
SEAL Team Season 6 Key Art -- Courtesy of Paramount+ /

SEAL Team Season 6 premieres tonight, and you don’t want to miss what’s next for Bravo Team. Can you stream the episodes on Amazon?

There is some excellent news for SEAL Team fans. Bravo Team is back in action tonight. The premiere will pick up off the back of the Season 5 finale, which saw Bravo Team ambushed in Mali.

Things aren’t looking good based on the trailer. There’s a chance Clay isn’t going to make it through the premiere alive. Of course, we could see him injured to the point where he needs to leave the military and be a family man and figure out what to do with his future.

Now you’ll want to know where you can watch the episodes. Can you stream SEAL Team Season 6 on Amazon in any sort of way?

Is SEAL Team Season 6 on Prime Video?

There is a little bit of bad news. If you want to watch the show with your Prime membership for free, you can’t. This isn’t a series that heads to Prime Video.

However, SEAL Team Season 6 is on Paramount+. It’s a Paramount+ Original Series, and all episodes of the entire series are available here. This is a streaming platform that is available via Amazon Channels, so you will be able to put everything in one place.

Is SEAL Team Season 6 on Amazon Video?

What about a Digital release? We saw previous seasons head to Digital, where you could buy the seasons and have all the episodes added to your Amazon Instant Video library This happened for the first four seasons.

Things changed when it came to Season 5. The show moved from CBS to Paramount+. With the move to streaming, the series wasn’t made available on Digital. It’s unlikely that this will happen as it takes people away from the streaming platform. We won’t likely see Season 6 head to Digital, either.

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SEAL Team Season 6 is available to stream on Paramount+.