Is The Woman King on Amazon?

The Woman King is now available to watch in theaters. Can you watch the movie on Prime Video? Will it be available on Amazon Instant Video?

There is no doubt you’ll want to head to theaters right now. Viola Davis is Nanisca, a general who trains the next generation of warriors. All these warriors are female, and they’re part of an amazon unit protecting the West African kingdom of Dahomey.

The Woman King is based on true events. This story in particular comes from the 1820s, but the all-female unit was around between the 17th and 19th centuries.

If you can’t get to theaters, you’ll want to know where to stream. Once you have watched it in theaters, you’ll want to watch it again and again, and that means knowing where you’re going for it. Which streaming platform is it going to head to?

Will The Woman King come to Prime Video?

Is there a chance that it will head to Prime Video first? There’s some bad news about the release. It is not coming to Prime Video. At least, not right away.

Sony made a deal with Netflix for all 2022 movies. Netflix is the first streaming home for all movies, and that includes The Woman King. It’s just the first streaming home. There is a chance that Prime Video will get it in the future.

Is The Woman King on Amazon Video?

What about on Amazon Instant Video? The good news is this movie will eventually head to Digital, and that means it will be available to buy on all digital platforms. This includes Amazon Video, where you can pay once and watch as often as you want. The movie will stay in your Amazon Library for as long as you have your Amazon account.

It’s not clear just how long that will take just yet. Sony hasn’t been consistent with its release schedule this year, but we’re potentially looking at it being made available to buy within the next month.

The Woman King is now available to watch in theaters.