The Boys Season 4 is not coming in September 2022

Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video
Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video /

If there’s one thing we’re waiting for, it’s The Boys Season 4. Just when could we expect the new season to premiere on Prime Video?

As much as we didn’t expect to see it, we still looked out for The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video in September 2022. The full list is out, but this epic superhero series is not on the list. That’s okay; we can wait for it. We know the episodes will be more than worth the wait.

Just how long is that wait going to be? We don’t know exactly yet, but we can take some guesses based on filming and other parts of production.

When will The Boys Season 4 premiere on Prime Video?

As of right now, we don’t have a premiere date. We’re not expecting the new season in 2022 at all, though. If anything, we’re not expecting anything until around this time next year.

The Boys tends to take around 14 to 15 months between production. We’re not counting the pandemic year! That put everything behind. So, with things getting back to normal, we’re looking at something like 14 months at least between Seasons 3 and 4. With Season 3 wrapping in July 2022, we’re looking at September 2023 as a premiere date.

And yes, we do expect Amazon to stick to the weekly release format. This is something Eric Kripke requested, and it’s worked well for the show. Why switch it up to a binge-watch just because of some review bombing?

The Boys cast is back in Toronto, Canada. Karl Urban specifically mentioned Aug. 22 as a start date for filming, so things are getting underway right now. This certainly helps to keep a fall 2023 premiere date in mind. Filming would likely wrap around March 2023, according to Entertainment Weekly, and that would mean six to eight months of post-production afterward, so September to November 2023.

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The Boys is available to stream on Prime Video.