Paper Girls ending explained: Where did the four girls end up in time?

Paper Girls -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Paper Girls -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Paper Girls Season 1 took us on a wild and meaningful journey. The ending saw the four girls split up, but where did they all go through time?

Throughout Paper Girls Season 1, we watched Tiffany, Erin, Mac, and KJ go on the run to protect themselves after accidentally time traveling to the future. There, they learned the future wasn’t everything they expected, and each character realized that maybe they should live their lives now and not just wait for when they grow up.

The ending also suggested that time isn’t set in stone. The events can change, but it’s going to be up to the four girls to do that. However, they’ve ended up in separate time periods. Can they succeed when they’re not all together?

It all depends on where they’ve ended up. Just what happened at the end of Paper Girls Season 1?

Tiffany and Erin go further in the past

The Prioress shared that things may be changed. Should history be changed? If you’re talking to the Underground, yes. If you’re talking to The Old Watch, that would be a no. We can’t tell who is telling the truth since they both have their own goals and preferences.

What we do know is The Old Watch really didn’t want the four girls to go anywhere in time. Prioress wanted things to change, though. She sent the four girls to one particular timeline, but not all girls got into the capsule. Erin and Tiffany were left behind.

We don’t get to find out exactly where in time Mac and KJ went. There was a mention of being able to change Mac’s future and give her one, which would suggest they’re going somewhere in the past.

Tiffany and Erin did eventually get in a capsule and away from The Old Watch. The Prioress seemed to set a time, but it looks like those with The Old Watch changed things. We learned they ended up in the middle of a field in the past. They walked out of the field at the sound of voices. Those voices came from a large screen in a drive-in theater, and it looked like they landed in the 1950s.

The graphic novels see the girls travel all throughout time. It’s hard to say where Mac and KJ have ended up based on the source material. We need Season 2 to happen to find out.

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