Making the Cut Season 3 premieres on Prime Video tonight

Making the Cut season 3. James Clark/Prime Video.
Making the Cut season 3. James Clark/Prime Video. /

It’s time to see the start of another season of designers proving they have what it takes in the world. Making the Cut Season 3 premieres tonight on Prime Video.

We always get excited to see people following their passions and dreams. Making the Cut offers designers from around the opportunity to prove they can be the next big name in the business. It’s time for another season to begin.

Making the Cut Season 3 will premiere tonight on Prime Video. As a global original, there is a chance that it will arrive tonight, Thursday, Aug. 18, in North America. The official release time is midnight GMT on the day of release, and that usually means timezones work in our favor.

Don’t worry if the episodes aren’t there right away, they will be available by midnight local.

is Making the Cut Season 3 a binge-watch?

The series follows 10 hopefuls as they show off their designs for the judges. The winner will gain $1 million for their brands and their work, and they will also have all their designs featured in the Making the Cut store.

However, there is some bad news for those ready to binge-watch the season. This is a series that gets a hybrid release format. Just like the first two seasons, we’ll get two episodes each week until the finale airs.

That means only the first two episodes will drop on Prime Video tonight. Then there will be two more episodes next week, the week after, and the week after that. The finale will air on Friday, Sept. 9, although you’ll want to look out for it on Thursday, Sept. 8 in North America.

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Making the Cut Season 3 airs Fridays on Prime Video until Friday, Sept. 9.