When is Bodies Bodies Bodies on DVD and Blu-ray?

Bodies Bodies Bodies, courtesy A24
Bodies Bodies Bodies, courtesy A24 /

If you’re in the mood for a horror comedy, you’ll want to check out Bodies Bodies Bodies. It’s out in theaters now, but when is it on DVD and Blu-ray?

Horror comedy is a great genre for those who want lighter entertainment. There’s no doubt that we’re ready for anything Pete Davidson brings, and this is one of the movies to look out for this weekend.

If you’re not interested in heading to theaters right now, you’ll want to own the movie at home. Bodies Bodies Bodies will eventually head to DVD and Blu-ray, but we don’t have an exact release date yet. That’s okay; we can look at other movies from the same production studio to see how long it’s likely to take for this movie to head to DVD.

Bodies Bodies Bodies DVD release date predictions

The movie is an A24 movie. We can look at the likes of Men and Everything Everywhere All at Once to get an idea as to when the new release will come to DVD and Blu-ray.

It took three and a half months for Everything Everywhere to head to DVD. However, it’s only taken two and a half months for Men. It’s hard to say which one Bodies Bodies Bodies will follow, but we are expecting more on the former timeframe.

With this in mind, we’re looking at toward the end of November for the DVD release date. However, it could make a great Halloween release for those more in the mood for horror comedies, so we could look at around Tuesday, Oct. 18 if A24 does decide to follow the two-and-a-half-month mark.

What about on Digital? Both movies only took two months to get to Digital. With that in mid, we’re looking at Tuesday, Oct. 4 for the release of Bodies Bodies Bodies on Digital.

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Bodies Bodies Bodies is currently out in DVD and Blu-ray.