Upload Season 3 is not coming in August 2022

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios /

We are certainly ready to see what’s next for Nathan and Nora, but the answers won’t arrive just yet. Upload Season 3 is not coming this month.

It took longer than we’d have liked, but Upload Season 3 was confirmed back in May 2022. Since then, we’ve been looking out for any sign that the show is going to arrive soon. The bad news is that the series was not on the list of Amazon releases in August 2022.

Of course, we didn’t expect it so soon. The renewal only came three months ago. It will take much longer than that to be able to bring us the next part of the story. Now we just look out for signs that the show is even back in production.

When will Upload Season 3 come to Prime Video?

We have a bit of a wait on our hands. We’re not expecting Upload Season 3 to arrive in 2022 at all. It just takes too long to get through all stages of production.

The good news is writing work started before the official renewal. Greg Daniels was so certain Amazon would renew the series so the writers got to work. That should help to keep the wait for production to start to a minimum. This is important as it will directly affect when the show could arrive on Prime Video.

It takes about 10 months of post-production after filming. At least, that’s based on the release of the second season. Filming wrapped toward the end of April 2021 but we didn’t get the season until the start of March 2022!

So, we’re looking at spring or summer of 2023 at the earliest for the third season. This will depend on the number of episodes, too. Seven episodes just weren’t enough, but it was a good compromise considering the pandemic. We’d love to see a 10-episode third season to match the first season.

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Upload is available to stream on Prime Video.