The Wheel of Time Season 2 is not coming in August 2022

The Wheel of Time. Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios
The Wheel of Time. Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

After an epic first season, we’re more than ready to see what’s coming next. When will The Wheel of Time Season 2 premiere on Prime Video?

As much as we’d love to see the next part of the story right now, it’s not something we ever expected to happen. We weren’t surprised not to see The Wheel of Time Season 2 on the list of Prime Video releases in August. There just hasn’t been the time to get through the post-production process.

We do know that filming has wrapped, though. This is great news for those ready to see more. It’s on its way, and will hopefully be here within the next six months. Yes, it’s going to be a while, but there is a chance of a 2022 release date still.

When will The Wheel of Time Season 2 come to Prime Video?

A 2022 release date is possible, but the chances are pretty slim. Production only wrapped this summer, and it takes at least six months to get through post-production for a series like this. We’re actually more likely looking at eight months or so. That’s going to take us into early 2023.

Most shows will take between 14 and 18 months between seasons. With The Wheel of Time Season 1 premiering in November 2021, we were looking at around January or February 2023 at the earliest for the new season. We are on track for that.

The show did release some exciting news at SDCC 2022. While it wasn’t a release date, we got renewal news. The Wheel of Time Season 3 is officially happening. This early renewal means that the wait for it can be kept to a minimum the way the early Season 2 renewal has helped that wait.

When Season 2 does arrive, we’re expecting the hybrid release the first season got. That will mean the first three episodes at once and then the weekly release format.

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The Wheel of Time is available to stream on Prime Video.