What time is The Outlaws Season 2 coming to Prime Video?

The Outlaws -- Courtesy of BBC/Amazon
The Outlaws -- Courtesy of BBC/Amazon /

It didn’t take long for Prime Video to lock in a release date for The Outlaws Season 2. What time will the episodes arrive on Prime Video this week?

We are certainly more than ready to return to Bristol to see what’s next for our Community Service Seven. The group is back, still with time left to serve on their sentences. If only that was all they had to deal with.

There is the aftermath of the first season, which saw them trapped in the world of a gang war. When one of them stole a bunch of money and the others found out, they didn’t think they would end up with their lives on the line. Fortunately, the police got to them in time and the gang was arrested, but that gang isn’t done with them yet.

There are six episodes to tell the next part of the story, and we’re ready for them. Just what time can we expect to watch The Outlaws Season 2?

The Outlaws Season 2 release time on Prime Video

All six episodes will drop at once, just like the first season. This isn’t a global original, though. It’s already aired in the UK, which could affect the release time.

The official date of release is Friday, Aug. 5. Usually, we would say the release time is at midnight GMT. This usually gives us an earlier release time, bringing us episodes the night before. There is a chance that with the UK not getting the episodes on Prime Video that we’ll have to wait until midnight ET on Friday. That could potentially mean a 9 p.m. PT release time on Thursday, Aug. 4.

It’s still worth checking in early. You just never know. However, don’t expect it until midnight local. It’s going to be worth staying up for, but this is something that’s going to entertain you during a lazy Saturday morning.

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The Outlaws Season 2 is coming to Prime Video on Friday, Aug. 5.