Which book is The Wheel of Time Season 3 based on?

©2020 Amazon Prime Video; photo by Jan Thijs
©2020 Amazon Prime Video; photo by Jan Thijs /

Most would expect The Wheel of Time Season 3 to follow the third book in the story. That isn’t going to be the case. Here’s what we know about the order.

While we still wait for a release date for the second season, Amazon has confirmed The Wheel of Time Season 3 is going to happen. This is exciting news for fans, as it means we can comfortably watch the second season without worrying about a cliffhanger ending. We know there’s going to be some sort of cliffhanger ending to the season.

While announcing the renewal, we also found out which book the season would be based on. It’s not the third book, which most people would suspect. It’s likely that the third book is being used for some of Season 2’s storylines. Instead, we’re jumping ahead a book.

The Wheel of Time Season 3 will be based on the fourth book, The Shadow Rising, according to a statement from Rafe Judkins. For those who want spoilers, we’ll go into what the fourth book covers. If you don’t want spoilers, you won’t want to read on.

What is The Wheel of Time Season 3 going to be about?

The Shadow Rising picks up with Rand al’Thor claiming the crystal sword Callandor. This proves that he is the Dragon Reborn. Lanfear tells him about the Forsaken’s plans, but it turns out that there are other Forsakens out there, and it’s up to Rand to use Callandor to protect the land.

We also see the whole group, including Aviendha, who will be introduced in The Wheel of Time Season 2, head to the Aiel Waste. Everyone has something to learn there, including Egwene to learn Dreamwalking. Mat learns that he must head to Rhuidean or he will die, and he is also destined to marry.

What about Perrin? He learns of trouble in his native region, The Two Rivers, and he decides to head back there to protect the area.

We see four different plotlines throughout the book, so we can expect a lot of jumping between stories throughout the season. This is just a very basic breakdown of things that we can expect to happen.

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