What is Love Accidentally about?

Love Accidentally -- Courtesy of Freevee
Love Accidentally -- Courtesy of Freevee /

Love Accidentally arrives on Freevee at the end of the week. What is the rom-com movie starring Brenda Song about? Here’s all you need to know.

If you’re in the mood for a rom-com, you’ll want to turn to Freevee this weekend. Love Accidentally is the latest release. For those in a country where Freevee isn’t available yet, the movie will be on Prime Video.

Before you jump into any movie, you need to know a little bit about it. You’ll want to know what it’s about to make sure it’s something that interests you. For the most part, if you’re into the rom-com genre, you’ll check it out anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to find out more about the movie.

Love Accidentally synopsis

Love Accidentally follows Brenda Song’s Alexa who is dumped by her long-term boyfriend on the night of her birthday. She decides to send a broken heart text to her friend, only to end up sending it to the wrong number. She and this mystery guy end up texting and opening up about their feelings, and they realize they like each other.

Who is the mystery guy? We find out it’s Aaron O’Connell’s Jason, who is a guy at her work up for the same promotion. The two don’t like each other in real life, especially as they both fight for the same director of sales role in the workplace. They are both willing to do whatever they can to get the promotion.

Of course, this is the setting of all rom-coms. We see two people who don’t actually like each other realize there is everything to like about each other.

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Love Accidentally is on Freevee on Friday, July 15.