What time is Love Accidentally on Freevee?

Love Accidentally -- Courtesy of David Goldner/©Hybrid, LLC
Love Accidentally -- Courtesy of David Goldner/©Hybrid, LLC /

If you’re in the mood for a rom-com, you’ll be happy to hear one is coming to Freevee. Love Accidentally arrives at the end of the week.

It doesn’t matter how stereotypical and cliche rom-coms are, we just love to watch them. They give us hope of finding out “happily ever after,” and there’s that reminder that love can arrive through all sorts of mishaps and situations.

Love Accidentally is the latest rom-com to arrive on Freevee, Amazon’s free streaming service. You’ll want to check it out at the end of the week, which means you need to know when it will arrive. What time exactly can you start watching it?

Love Accidentally release time on Freevee

While Prime Video tends to release content early, we don’t often get that with Freevee. Love Accidentally will drop by midnight local. Sometimes, the release is at midnight ET, which could mean a slightly earlier drop for those on the west coast, but there’s no guarantee for this.

In the UK, the movie will drop at midnight.

What about the rest of the world? Well, Freevee isn’t available elsewhere just yet. Love Accidentally should be an Amazon Exclusive in other parts of the world, with the movie dropping on Prime Video. Look out for it at midnight local.

The movie stars Brenda Song as Alexa, who sends a “broken heart” text to her friend. It turns out it’s not her friend, though. She ends up texting someone unknown and they create a bond between them that’s only through the written word. What happens when Alexa finds out this guy is a guy who’s against her in a promotion at work?

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Love Accidentally will be on Freevee by midnight local on Friday, July 15.