Is The Terminal List Season 2 happening on Prime Video?

The Terminal List -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Terminal List -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

The Terminal List is now available to binge-watch on Prime Video. Will there be more to the story? Is The Terminal List Season 2 going to happen?

When a series comes to an end, not everything has been tied up in a neat bow. Even in stories where there is a clear ending, there are some elements of the story where we have questions. It leads to us wondering whether there will be more.

The Terminal List is one of those stories. The main storyline was wrapped up, but is that really everything for James Reece and his family? We don’t think so, and now we want to know if there will be more seasons to the series.

It’s all up to Prime Video at this point. Will Amazon grant The Terminal List a second season or not?

Will The Terminal List Season 2 happen?

It’s hard to say what is going to happen right now. There is some hope of The Terminal List Season 2, though. After all, this is not the only book focused on James Reece.

Jack Carr has written other books following the main character, with the most recent book In the Blood coming out just this year. There has been one book a year since the first one in 2018. That does mean there’s more source material for the writers to follow if Chris Pratt will reprise the role and if Prime Video renews the show.

The series wasn’t billed as a limited series. That’s often the case when the plan is to tell the story of one book. However, it looks like the door is open for more, similar to the way Reacher and Jack Ryan focused on the first stories and then continued with other tales after renewals. We would love to see more.

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What did you think of The Terminal List? Would you like to see a second season happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Terminal List is coming to Prime Video.