The Terminal List is coming to Prime Video tonight

The Terminal List -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Terminal List -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

We’ve all been excited to see Jack Carr’s novel adapted. It’s almost here. The Terminal List starring Chris Pratt is on Prime Video tonight.

It’s almost time for the series we’ve been waiting for. Chris Pratt stars as James Reece in The Terminal List, adapted from the novel of the same name by Jack Carr. All episodes will drop at once as a binge-watch.

You can watch the series from midnight GMT tonight, Friday, July 1. The good news is that as a global original, the time zones work in our favor. More often than not, the episodes drop at around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT tonight, Thursday, June 30.

If you don’t see the episodes right away, keep checking. The episodes will be available by midnight local, but we see global originals drop earlier more often than they don’t.

What is The Terminal List about?

The series follows James Reece, the only surviving member of his platoon when they’re ambushed in an attack. The SEALs were on a high-stakes covert mission, but Reece realizes that everything he was told may have been a lie.

When he gets home, he starts to question the conflicting memories he has of the mission. This brings to light some evidence that suggests there was more to the mission than meets the eye. Now, not only is he in danger, but so is his whole family. It looks like he was never supposed to survive the attack.

We’re taken on the journey with Reece as he figures out the truth and gets to the bottom of the conspiracy. This is a case of trust nobody. Nobody at all. The enemy could be in every corner, including his own mind.

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The Terminal List is coming to Prime Video tonight.