Does Susannah die in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

The Summer I Turned Pretty -- Courtesy of Dana Hawley/Prime Video
The Summer I Turned Pretty -- Courtesy of Dana Hawley/Prime Video /

It didn’t take long to find out what was going on with Susannah in The Summer I Turned Pretty. What happened in the end? Did we say goodbye to the character?

The summer we met Belly was supposed to be an exciting one. It was a chance for Belly to grow up and really start dating. And the person she was interested in at first was Conrad. However, it turned out that Conrad was struggling with something, and everyone claimed it was a recent break-up.

Well, it wasn’t the break-up at all. Conrad had learned a secret his mom was keeping from him and Jeremiah. Only Belly’s mom Laurel knew the truth. Susannah’s cancer was back, and this time, she wasn’t going through chemo. She had accepted her fate, but she wasn’t ready to tell her boys just yet.

By the end of the season, the secret was out. Susannah was struggling with her illness and Jeremiah realized something was up. He took her phone to read her emails, and then he realized Conrad knew the truth. The secret came out to everyone.

What happened to Susannah in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

But what about Susannah by the end of the season? Well, she is still alive for now. At the end of the season, she sat her sons down and discussed things. While there is a medical trial that she could do, she’s chosen not to. It’s going to be hard for her sons to accept, but this is her choice now.

Caution: Spoilers from The Summer I Turned Pretty books

What can we expect during the second season of the series, though? For that, we need to turn to the second book in the series. After all, the second season is likely to follow this storyline.

Susannah dies between the first and second book. The second book is mostly about the characters dealing with Susannah’s death and all the fears and questions that death brings up.

What’s not clear is how the series will tell this story. Could we get flashbacks with Susannah in her final days? Will Susannah’s death be mentioned with the focus being on how everyone moves forward the following summer? We’ll keep an eye out for any updates about the series to figure it out.

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