Jack Ryan Season 3 is not coming to Prime Video in July 2022

Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Cara Howe/Amazon Studios
Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Cara Howe/Amazon Studios /

We would love to see what’s next for Jack Ryan, but the wait continues. Is there a chance Jack Ryan Season 3 will premiere soon?

Jack Ryan Season 3 filming wrapped back in October 2021. That should mean we get to see the new episodes very soon, but the wait for it continues.

The series is not coming to Prime Video next month. We double-checked the list of releases on the streamer and the series wasn’t there. It is disappointing, but it’s not all that surprising. After all, if the series was going to arrive in July, Prime Video would have made some noise about it.

It’s not surprising that we’ll get the episode a little later this season when you consider what is coming to Prime Video in July. We’re already getting The Terminal List Season 1.

When will Jack Ryan Season 3 premiere on Prime Video?

So, how long will we need to wait for the new episodes to drop on Prime Video? This isn’t easy to call just yet.

What we do know is that it’s supposed to drop sometime in the second half of this year. That officially starts in July, but it looks like we’re waiting just a little bit longer. There is a chance we’ll need to wait until the fall depending on the amount of post-production work was needed for the season.

We could get an announcement sometime in July. After all, the series could realistically drop at any point from now. We’ll likely get a trailer for the season about a month before the release date, so if something comes out next month, we’re looking at an August release date.

As soon as we know something, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Jack Ryan is available to stream on Prime Video.