Is Chloe Season 2 going to happen on Prime Video?

Chloe -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Chloe -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Now that you’ve binged your way through the six episodes of Chloe, you’ll want to know if there’s going to be more. Will Chloe Season 2 happen?

Chloe certainly drew us in from the very first episode. We got to see the mess Becky found herself in as she created an alter ego in an attempt to see just how perfect her former friend’s life was like. It turns out that nothing is really like what’s posted on social media.

While things ended relatively tied up, there’s no doubt that you want to see more of this type of story. It’s led to the question of whether there’s going to be another season. Will Prime Video renewed Chloe for Season 2?

Chloe Season 2 is likely not happening on Prime Video

There is some bad news for fans who do want more. The British series is likely not coming back for a second season. Chloe was written as a six-episode miniseries. This is pretty standard for British television, with a lot of stories around that are completed in three to six episodes.

The benefit of a limited series instead of a movie is there is more time to tell the tale. Six hour-long episodes will allow for more character and story development instead of rushing it to give 90 to 120 minutes.

It is disappointing when we find out there’s not going to be more to the story, though. There’s no doubt that we would prefer to see the story continue instead of getting to know other characters. However, at least this one was written as a limited series. We got the beginning, middle, and end.

Never say “never,” though. We have seen other limited series renewed for second seasons. Just look at Big Little Lies and Good Omens.

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Chloe is now available to stream on Prime Video.