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At the end of The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1, Belly had to choose between the two brothers. Which one did she pick in the end?

While promoted as a story about a girl in the middle of a love triangle, that wasn’t really the focus of The Summer I Turned Pretty. It actually took her a while to be interested in Jeremiah, and it looked like the crush she had on Conrad was simply a young girl crush that would go unrequited. At first, Belly focused on a relationship with a totally different guy.

Yet by the end of the season, Belly found herself unsure of which brother she wanted to be with. She asked Jeremiah to be her escort to the dance, while Conrad sat on the side. In the end, Belly’s choice was more made for her than anything else.

Belly chose Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty

At first, Belly turned to Heremiah. He was the one there for Belly when she needed it, while Conrad was acting out for most of the summer. It turned out that Conrad knew about his mom’s cancer being back and he was struggling to handle it, taking it out on those around him. As he accepted it, he became more like the kid everyone once knew.

Then it was Jeremiah’s turn to find out. He found out at the dance, and understandably, he was angry and upset. It was even worse when he figured out that Conrad knew all along.

Jeremiah is now grieving hard. Meanwhile, Conrad is more like himself as he comes to terms with his mother’s illness. Then there’s Belly and Steven who are also grieving, along with their mother who is best friends with Susannah.

By the end of the series, love wasn’t really on anyone’s mind. Belly and Conrad did end up kissing by the end of the season, but was that really the two of them choosing to be together? It’s more like Belly gets her childhood dream, but now there’s all this reality that will be mixed in. But for now, it looks like she’s choosing Conrad, but that may be because he is the one who has made himself emotionally available right now.

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