Is The Lake Season 2 going to happen on Prime Video?

The Lake -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Lake -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Prime Video is bringing us some great shows to get us in the mood for summer. The Lake is one, and now we want The Lake Season 2 to happen.

This weekend was big for The Summer I Turned Pretty. There’s no doubt you spent the whole time binge-watching the YA series, but there’s another series you won’t want to miss. Also from this weekend, The Lake brings us a slightly more mature series.

I saw slightly because the adults act just like children a lot of the time. They will battle between themselves for things that they want, including a cabin that turns out was left to a man’s stepdaughter with a clause to return it to his son.

When Justin learns about the clause, he tries everything to get his stepsister to leave. Time isn’t on his side though as Maisy is looking to completely renovate the cottage. Can Justin get his inheritance back?

Will The Lake Season 2 happen?

We were left with a few questions. While Justin decided the cottage wasn’t worth the fight after all, he made what was a grownup decision. It has backfired, though. Maisy now no longer owns the cabin. Instead, it goes to her mother, and that means trouble for everyone.

That’s where we left things. There’s still a fight for the cottage on everyone’s hands, which means another summer of fun is likely to come up. That is if Prime Video gives us The Lake Season 2.

As of right now, the series hasn’t been cancelled or renewed. With the weekend being about The Summer I Turned Pretty, that’s not too surprising. Prime Video will want to see what the uptake for The Lake is like first. Hopefully, we’ll find out about the renewal within the next couple of months.

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What did you think of The Lake? Would you like to see a second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Lake is available to stream on Prime Video.