What time is The One That Got Away coming to Prime Video?

The One That Got Away -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The One That Got Away -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

If you’re looking for a new reality show, Prime Video has you covered. The One That Got Away is the new arrival at the end of this week. What time can you start streaming it?

Reality programs are a lot of fun for a lot of people. They give us a chance to get out of the need to follow storylines and theories. Instead, we just enjoy watching real people with their own real problems, usually their need to find love.

The One That Got Away is Prime Video’s answer to the likes of Love Is Blind and The Bachelor. It follows a group of singles searching for their soulmate. What if their soulmate was actually someone from their past? After all, there are plenty of missed connections over the years.

This could be the unrequited crushes or the strangers who came into our lives for a brief second. The six singles looking for love will get a chance to see people from their past and see if there’s a chance of love with any of them.

The One That Got Away release time on Prime Video

Want to start watching it right away? Of course you do, and that means looking for when it’s going to stream. We know it drops on Friday, June 24, but what time will it be available?

The One That Got Away is going to drop at midnight GMT. This is a global original, and that means a lot of great news for those of us in North America. The episodes are likely to drop on Thursday, June 23 instead.

Keep a look out for the release of the episodes at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday night. There’s no guarantee of the early release, but we see it more often than we don’t.

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The One That Got Away is coming to Prime Video on Friday, June 24.