What time is The Boys Season 3, Episode 6 on Prime Video?

The Boys - Episode 301 - “Payback” Courtesy Prime Video
The Boys - Episode 301 - “Payback” Courtesy Prime Video /

After the musical number, the focus returns to taking down Homelander. What time can we watch The Boys Season 3, Episode 6?

The focus on bringing down Homelander continues. Butcher has leveled the playing field, but not everyone is on board with the way he’s done it. That’s not all too surprising considering the fight the Boys have put up from the start. It’s not just Mother’s Milk who isn’t happy about the turn of events. A certain member of the Seven isn’t too happy about what Hughie has done. That’s not surprising considering what Starlight has just witnessed Homelander do.

Meanwhile, Soldier Boy is out there, and he is a huge threat. This is not the Soldier Boy everyone used to know (and somewhat love). After testing by the Russians, he has new powers, and that makes him a much bigger threat. Could it also help the vigilantes take down Homelander for good?

We’ll need to see how the next episode plays out. It’s all about The Boys Season 3, Episode 6.

When will The Boys Season 3, Episode 6 come to Prime Video?

The episode drops at the end of the week. Like all the others, the official release time is midnight GMT. This will happen on Friday, June 24.

Of course, we’ve seen the other episodes drop earlier than expected. The show is a worldwide Prime Original, which means it drops earlier in North America. We’re looking at a release happening around 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, June 23.

This early release is never guaranteed. However, we have seen the rest of the season release early so far. There’s no reason to think that this episode isn’t going to drop on Thursday night.

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The Boys Season 3, Episode 6 is coming to Prime Video on Friday, June 24. Look out for the release on Thursday night in North America.