Streaming on Prime Video this week: Chloe and more

Chloe -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Chloe -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

A new week brings new content streaming on Prime Video. Chloe is the big show to watch out for at the end of the week, but what else is streaming?

Chloe is the big release of the week. The thriller drops at the very end of the week, and it is a Prime Original. Don’t worry if you can’t binge-watch it all at once. It’s going to be available whenever you want it.

The series follows Becky, who routinely compares her own life to that of the picture-perfect Chloe on Instagram. She can’t help but see what’s going on in Chloe’s life. When Chloe suddenly dies, Becky wants to see if her life really was all that spectacular. So, she takes on a new identity and learns what life is really like for an Influencer.

The One That Got Away, The Barking Murders, and more

One of the Amazon Channels samples that drops this week is The Barking Murders. It’s a BritBox release starring The Outlaws‘s Stephen Merchant. Based on a true story, the three-part series follows the notorious Stephen Port, a serial rapist who drugged and killed four gay men in London. Wanto see how he got caught and the slip-ups made by the police along the way? This is the series for you.

If you’re more into the reality shows, Prime Video is bringing one of its own. The One That Got Away drops at the end of the week. This series is a little bit like This Is Your Life, where it brings people from a person’s past to see if they were the romantic partners that got away. Not everyone remembers everyone, though.

Everything streaming on Prime Video this week

The asterisks denote the Prime Originals and the plus signs denote the Amazon Channels samples. The samples are only available for a limited time, so you’ll want to get to them first.

June 20


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Visits a New Neighborhood+

June 21


The Barking Murders Season 1+

June 23


Terror Lake Drive Season 2+

June 24


At Home With the Girls*
The One That Got Away*
Sin Límites / Boundless*
The Great American Recipe Season 1+

June 26


The Chi Season 5+

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