What time is The Boys Season 3, Episode 5 coming to Prime Video?

The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The Boys Season 3 continues with its weekly release. Things are going to get worse before they get better, but what time is the next episode coming to Prime Video?

There is no doubt that we’re ready to check in with what’s to come next in The Boys Season 3. The show is now at the halfway point for the season, and we’re into the weekly release part of the hybrid release.

Things are going to get worse before they get better in The Boys Season 3, Episode 5. We’re sure to see Homelander cause more problems for Starlight and Hughie. We’re going to see things get worse for Butcher as he levels the playing field. And then there’s that Soldier Boy situation to deal with.

The Boys Season 3, Episode 5 release time on Prime Video

What time can we watch the new episode? It’s going to arrive at the end of this week. Look out for the drop on Friday, June 17.

Just like with the previous releases, it’s coming at midnight GMT. This is what we’re used to since it is a global release, and we’re also very used to getting it a little earlier than expected in North America. Time zones are our friend.

The previous episodes have dropped around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on the Thursday night. We’re expecting something similar to happen this week on Thursday, June 16. There’s no guarantee of this happening, but we have seen it with previous episodes of the series so far.

After this, there are three episodes to the season. Will we find Soldier Boy actually learning from all the mistakes of his past? How long will Butcher be able to deal with the withdrawal effects of this version of Compound-V? What’s next for Starlight and Hughie considering the Homelander problem?

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The Boys is available to stream on Prime Video.