King Tweety sneak peek: Tweety sings his song

King Tweety -- Courtesy of Warner Bros.
King Tweety -- Courtesy of Warner Bros. /

Tweety and Sylvester have a new animated movie coming to DVD. Take a look at one of the songs from King Tweety in this sneak peek.

The cutest “widdle” canary on TV is getting a movie. Tweety and Sylvester are back, and this time they will need to work together. It’s certainly going to throw us off as fans of the duo. Before that can happen, things need to start going Tweety’s way.

In this exclusive clip of King Tweety, we get to see one of the musical numbers. Tweety may want to rethink his thoughts, though. Something has happened to the former queen, and now he’s at risk. That’s not something he’s ready to really focus on just yet.

King Tweety exclusive clip

We’ll leave you with the clip before we get into the breakdown:

One of the things you will notice is that the animation is different. The animation for some of the Loony Tunes has changed over recent years. Don’t let this throw you off too much. The movie is more than worth checking out.

The King Tweety exclusive clip gives us a musical number of the movie. We see all our favorites, including Spike and Granny, who are sure to help support the new monarch. Slyvester is also there. While he’s not usually on Tweety’s side, he will soon find himself having to form an unlikely bond with the yellow canary.

You see, Tweety is testing his luck. It may all be going his way right now, but there is a threat out there. The queen has gone missing, and that’s the only reason Tweety finds himself as king of a land. However, there is someone out for blood, and this time they want Tweety.

Will Slyvester put his own issues with the bird to one side? After all, surely these two are more like siblings than we’ve ever given them credit. Slyvester is allowed to chase after Tweety, but nobody else is.

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King Tweety is on DVD on Tuesday, June 14.