Is The Time Traveler’s Wife on Amazon?

The Time Traveler's Wife -- Courtesy of Macall Polay/HBO
The Time Traveler's Wife -- Courtesy of Macall Polay/HBO /

The Time Traveler’s Wife TV series is based on the book of the same name. Where can you stream the show? Is it on Prime Video?

You’ve read the book, and you’ve watched the 2009 movie. Now it’s time for the TV series. This is a chance to revisit the love story of Clare and Henry, a love story that’s problematic due to Henry’s inability to control his power to time travel.

There are six episodes in the first season. They run through how Clare and Henry meet, how they learn about each other’s lives, and how Clare is the woman to make Henry’s life better. So far, four episodes have aired, but it won’t be long before the final two episodes of the season come out.

The question is where you need to go to watch the show. Is The Time Traveler’s Wife on Prime Video?

The Time Traveler’s Wife is not coming to Prime Video

There is some bad news. It is not a series available to watch on Prime Video for free with your Prime membership.

The series is on HBO and HBO Max. It used to be possible to watch HBO shows via Amazon Channels, but that’s not the case anymore. HBO is no longer one of the Amazon Channels, and HBO Max has not arrive through this option yet. It is available through Hulu Channels, though.

Watch The Time Traveler’s Wife on Amazon Video

Right now, there isn’t an option to watch on Amazon Instant Video. That is going to happen, eventually, though. HBO shows do head to Digital and DVD.

A Digital release is great for those who like to watch shows over and over again online. The episodes are added to your Amazon Library, and they remain there for as long as Amazon lasts. There’s no need to have a streaming platform to watch.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife is available to stream on HBO.