Carnival Row Season 2 is not coming to Prime Video in June 2022

Photo: Carnival Row: Season 1.. Image: Amazon Prime Video
Photo: Carnival Row: Season 1.. Image: Amazon Prime Video /

There is only one question we have about Carnival Row Season 2. When is it coming to Prime Video? All we know is that it’s not in June 2022.

It’s been almost three years since we’ve checked in with Philo, Vignette, and the others in Carnival Row. Three years since we left the city being segregated with the magical creatures being forced to remain in Carnival Row, with Philo making it clear that he is part fae and he belongs with Vignette.

We have so many questions. We want to know what’s to come next. However, the series isn’t coming back to Prime Video this month. We’d love to say it was a surprise release on the list of June releases, but that is not the case.

When will Carnival Row Season 2 come to Prime Video?

The good news is Carnival Row Season 2 is still happening. In fact, the series has finished production on the second season. Right now, it’s in post-production, and this is why there’s been no news at all about the show. It’s hard to bring news during a process that is all done behind a computer screen without releasing too many spoilers.

There is a good chance that we’ll see the season sometime this year. In fact, there are rumors that we’re expecting it sometime in the summer. An August release date would make sense, marking three years since the first season arrived. This could allow for the show to get a panel at SDCC in July, which could be when we’ll get a premiere date.

We’re still expecting the show to get a weekly release. Considering the work that goes into a series like this, a weekly release would make the most sense. However, we have seen some big shows like The Wilds and Upload get a binge-watch release, so you never know.

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Carnival Row is available to stream on Prime Video.