What is The Boys Season 3 about?

The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The Boys Season 3 finally premieres on Prime Video this week. What is the third season going to be about? Here’s all you need to know.

Let’s get straight into the great news. It’s almost time for the first three episodes of The Boys Season 3. Just like the first season, this is going to be a hybrid release. After this week, the episodes are released weekly up to the finale on Friday, July 8.

We’re picking up off the back of the second season. If you can’t remember what happened, now is a great time to rewatch all 16 episodes of the series so far. Then you’ll be ready to jump into where we’re at with The Seven and The Boys.

The Boys Season 3 synopsis

What is the third season roughly about? Well, The Seven needs to regroup, and the best way to do that is to see a small change in leadership. Starlight is being given co-leader privileges to help change the view of The Seven after it all came out that Stormfront was a Nazi.

Meanwhile, Homelander will need to do some work to repair his image. Queen Maeve doesn’t look too happy that she’s been pushed to one side when she decided to join Starlight and The Female in the fight against Stormfront.

The Boys have gone their separate ways, and they’re enjoying some time apart. However, they need to get back together. Hughie is in the lioness’s den, and he’s going to realize only Butcher had the right idea to bring The Seven down.

To do that, Butcher wants to level the playing field. There is a drug he can take to become a Supe for 24 hours. How addictive will it be to have the same level of powers as Homelander? Will this change who Butcher is?

The trailer gives us a look at Soldier Boy and Crimson Countess. Are they joining The Seven? You’ll need to wait and see, but things aren’t looking great with the two of them around.

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The Boys Season 3 premieres on Friday, June 3 on Prime Video.