Will Amazon save Dynasty?

Dynasty season 5 key art. Courtesy of The CW.
Dynasty season 5 key art. Courtesy of The CW. /

The CW made some shocking decisions on Thursday, May 12, and that included cancelling Dynasty. Will Amazon save Dynasty from the abrupt cancellation?

We would love nothing more than to say that there will be more Dynasty. However, the series is canceled after five seasons. The season finale is going to become the series finale, and there are high chances that there will be cliffhangers that are left unresolved forever.

Could it be forever, though? This is a series that may not have had the U.S. audience, but it was strong internationally. This is when we need a streamer to step in and save it. Is there a chance Dynasty will be saved by Amazon?

Amazon likely won’t save Dynasty

There is some bad news. Don’t expect Prime Video to step in to save The CW series.

This isn’t because there isn’t the international audience there. it’s just that there’s a lot stacked against Amazon even trying to step in if it wanted to. We just have to start with the reason for the cancellation.

If it was up to the network, the show wouldn’t have been canceled. The decision came from the studio, CBS Studios. Without the production studio behind it, there’s no way of creating the new season in the first place. To be saved by a streamer, a new production studio would be needed.

On top of that, there’s a problem for Amazon to pick it up with the past CW-Netflix deal. While that’s no longer in place, there is a legacy element to it. The episodes still head to The CW after a full season airs on Netflix, and there is a clause in the contract that would prevent any streamer other than Netflix to save the series.

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What did you think of The CW’s cancellations? Would you like to see Amazon step in to save any shows? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Dynasty is available to stream on Netflix.