Is Shining Vale renewed for Season 2 by STARZ?

Shining Vale - Courtesy of Kat Marcinowski/STARZ
Shining Vale - Courtesy of Kat Marcinowski/STARZ /

If you’re looking for more Courteney Cox shows in your life, Shining Vale would have been something to watch immediately. Is Season 2 happening at STARZ?

There is no doubt that Friends fans regularly look out for other shows from their favorite cast. Courteney Cox is one of the more prominent members of the cast—in fact, the three female stars are!—and recently brought us an exciting series to STARZ.

Shining Vale follows husband and wife Terry and Pat Phelps. They decide to move from their Brooklyn apartment and buy an old Victorian mansion in Connecticut with their life savings. It’s their last attempt to save their marriage after Pat had an affair with the handyman.

Naturally, their teenage children aren’t happy. Gaynor and Jake act out as much as they can, but the door slamming may not be from them. When the piano starts to play by itself and there’s always an old-fashioned-looking woman in the window, Pat starts to question what’s going on in the house. We all know houses have history, but what about ghosts?

Is Shining Vale Season 2 happening at STARZ?

The series quickly gained a following. Some of that might have helped with episodes airing straight after Outlander Season 6, but it would have also pulled in its own fanbase with Cox in the lead. As soon as the finale aired, fans wanted to know if it would be renewed.

This was one of those shows that would have been impossible to work out based on live ratings. While there are live ratings to consider, they don’t tell the full story. STARZ has an app that people can watch via, and these are the figures that are going to be more important to the premium cable network.

The good news is STARZ has agreed that this is a series to continue. Deadline reports that Shining Vale Season 2 is going to happen.

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Shining Vale is available to stream on STARZ.