What happened to Martha in The Wilds Season 2?

The Wilds -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Wilds -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

The Wilds Season 1 had us wondering whether Martha would live or die on the island. We got answers in The Wilds Season 2.

Throughout The Wilds Season 1, we were left believing that Martha had died on the island. There was a scene with her belongings being boxed up, and it suggested they were being sent back to her family.

Would we get to find out what happened? Would it turn out that it was linked to the shark attack? The Wilds Season 2 brought us answers about Martha, but not without a red herring thrown in there.

Did Martha die in The Wilds Season 2?

During the season, we watched Martha grow as a person and then suffer a breakdown. She started setting traps to hunt for meat for the other teenagers. However, one of the traps ended up causing a rabbit to lose her leg and Martha saw her babies attempting to feed from the dead momma rabbit.

It was heartbreaking for Martha, who had been a vegetarian before landing on the island. She broke down, viewing herself as a monster. And then she went into a catatonic state after killing all the baby rabbits before the other girls found her in the wood.

Toni panicked, and we started to wonder if this was how Martha would end up dying. However, we picked right back up with the group in the bunker. All the girls had feared Martha would die, even after being extracted. It was only when Leah was getting some answers from Gretchen that she watched Toni and Martha reuniting.

It looks like Martha was sent to some sort of hospital wing in the bunker. At least, that’s the best way to describe it. She must have gotten the treatment she needed after the breakdown on the island, and now she was ready to reunite with her best friend. So, Martha is still alive, along with the rest of the girls.

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What did you think of Martha’s story in The Wilds Season 2? Did you expect her to die during the season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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