Everything streaming on Prime Video this week: May 9–15

Death in Paradise -- Courtesy of BritBox
Death in Paradise -- Courtesy of BritBox /

There isn’t a lot new streaming on Prime Video. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing good. Here’s a look at all the content arriving this week.

Just because Prime Video doesn’t bring a lot each month doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to watch. One of the great things about Prime Video is that it’s focused on quality over quantity. Also, there’s still the big drop from May 1 to focus on throughout the week.

That being said, there is some new content arriving. We have a couple of the samples from Prime Channels, and there is a new series that is a revival of a comedy favorite.

Death in Paradise, The Kids in the Hall, and more streaming on Prime Video

The first release of the week is on Tuesday, May 10. Fans will get to check out Death in Paradise Season 1. This is a BritBox series and there are plenty of seasons to check out on that channel. While there is a change of cast throughout the series, the writing remains on point.

Death in Paradise follows an English detective who ends up heading to the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint-Marie. While there, he has to deal with the various crimes, and he certainly doesn’t feel like he fits in all that well.

A La Carte Season 1 is the next release on Thursday, May 12. This ALLBLK series is a new one, so this inclusion is to build up the attention to it as more seasons are considered. It follows a Black millennial struggling with the modern-day dating experience. If you love the likes of Modern Love and Love Life, this is definitely for you.

The final release is the Amazon Original Series of the week. The Kids in the Hall Season 1 drops. This is a revival of the original series, and there are a lot of in-jokes about it coming back and the “rules” Amazon has put on it to bring the show back from the “dead.”

Everything coming to Prime Video this week:

May 10


Death in Paradise Season 1+

May 12


A La Carte Season 1+

May 13


The Kids in the Hall Season 1*

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