Undone Season 3 is not coming to Prime Video in May 2022

Undone Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Undone Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Undone Season 2 has only just been released, but we’re ready for more. Sadly, Undone Season 3 is not going to arrive in May 2022.

There’s no doubt that we would love to see more from the creators of Undone. The animation is a masterpiece, and the storytelling is everything we’ve needed for a very long time. However, the wait for more storylines has just started.

We didn’t see Undone Season 3 on the list of Prime Video releases in May 2022. That really isn’t all too surprising. After all, the second season only just arrived on Friday, April 29. There was no way Prime Video would be able to release another season a month later.

There is some bad news about the third season right now. That doesn’t mean it will always be bad news, but we’re into an uncertain period right now.

Is Undone Season 3 happening at Prime Video?

We won’t even both looking at when Undone Season 3 could arrive on Prime Video just yet. After all, the season hasn’t even been confirmed just yet.

With the way the second season ended, there are questions about whether a third season is necessary. We won’t give any spoilers here, but the majority of storylines were wrapped up. There are a few loose ends, though. There’s a good chance Prime Video will give this critically-acclaimed series a third season just to wrap up those storylines.

So, now, we can take a look at when a potential third season could arrive. We’re looking at 2023 at the very earliest, but we could need to wait until 2024. The first season of the series came out in September 2019. We had to wait two-and-a-half years for the second season. The pandemic will have played part of a role in that, so a two-year wait could have been the original plan.

With that in mind, we’re potentially looking at April 2024, or even the end of 2024 if it really does take that long to create the second season.

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Undone is available to stream on Prime Video.