What time is the Outer Range finale on Prime Video?

Outer Range -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Outer Range -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Outer Range Episode 6 took a weirder and darker path, but we’re here for how it all comes to an end. When can you watch the Outer Range finale?

If you thought the first half of the season was weird, you had no idea just how weirder and darker the series could get. The most recent two episodes of Outer Range make it clear why this series had to be released the way it was. There’s no way viewers would have spent as much time trying to work out the craziness if it was a binge-watch.

The most recent episode saw the Abbott family crumbling under the weight of the lie. Perry is ready to confess to everything, but will he get the chance to do that? Will Abbott find a way to stop his son to protect the family?

Meanwhile, Billy Tillerson now knows about the void. He’s off to tell his dad, which is sure to bring a lot of trouble to the Abbott land in the final two episodes.

Outer Range finale release time on Prime Video

The final two episodes are going to drop at the end of the week. Like all the others, the episodes will drop at midnight GMT, being a global original series. This is great news for those of us in North America.

The previous episodes have dropped early. We’ve had the chance to watch them around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on the Thursday night. We’re expecting the same to happen this week, with the drop happening on Thursday, May 5.

These are the last two episodes, though. There’s no say on whether there’s going to be a second season just yet. We will probably need them, though. I can’t see how all our questions will be answered before the season comes to an end.

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Outer Range is available to stream on Prime Video.