When is Outer Range Episode 5 on Prime Video?

Outer Range, Royal Abbott (played by Josh Brolin)
Outer Range, Royal Abbott (played by Josh Brolin) /

Two more episodes of Outer Range are now available to stream on Prime Video. There’s no doubt that you need more. When is Episode 5 going to be available?

The mystery continues in the world of Outer Range. Did we really expect to get all the answers we wanted at the halfway point of the season? That’s right; we’re now at the halfway point of the season, and it’s time to start getting a few more answers.

Prime Video is releasing this series in a similar way to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4. Two episodes come out every week, and here’s what we know about Episode 5.

When are Outer Range Episodes 5 and 6 on Prime Video?

We’ll get two more episodes next week. Episodes 5 and 6 will drop on Friday, April 29. We’re not expecting any breaks in the schedule.

We’ve seen the previous episodes drop earlier than expected thanks to time zones. The episodes drop at midnight GMT as this is a global original series. That means we’re getting it at around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on the Thursday night. So, you’ll want to keep an eye out for things on Thursday, April 28.

So far, we know that the void on the Abbott land is connected to Chronos, which makes sense since it’s all connected to time. Autumn wanted to know how Royal survived the push into the void, but he doesn’t have the answers to that. He doesn’t understand it at all.

Episode 5 is titled “The Soil”, which suggests that we’ll get to see a little of what happened to the soil that Royal put into the void. This happened in the first episode when he tried to cover up the void, and we all had a theory that the soil would show up somewhere at some point in the future, right?

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Outer Range airs on Fridays on Prime Video.