What time is A Very British Scandal on Prime Video?

A Very British Scandal -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
A Very British Scandal -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

The end of the week brings a couple of Amazon Originals to Prime Video. A Very British Scandal is one of them. What time can you start streaming it?

Why bother creating scripted dramas when real life is full of scandal and shocking events? The British elite offers up a lot of scandals, whether we’re looking directly at the Royal Family or turning our attention to the various dukes, earls, and more around the country.

A Very British Scandal is a three-part miniseries that you don’t want to miss. Paul Bettany and Claire Foy play the Duke and Duchess of Argyll, looking at the start of their relationship all the way through to their messy and scandalous divorce. The scandal is in the Duchess’s sex life, which was made news all over the local tabloids during the divorce in an effort to shame her in the 1960s.

A Very British Scandal release time on Prime Video

You’ll want to watch the series as soon as it’s available. So, what are the release times this weekend?

This isn’t a global release, which could affect the release time. Global originals come out on Prime Video at midnight GMT, and that usually means an earlier release time in North America due to time zones.

However, there is a chance that A Very British Scandal won’t come out on Prime Video until midnight ET on Friday, April 22. This could mean a 9 p.m. PT release on Thursday, April 21.

There are only three episodes to the series. This is a very traditional miniseries from Britain, and the three episodes will tell the full dramatized story about these true events. It won’t take too long to stream the episodes, but if you can’t stay up, they will be available all weekend.

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A Very British Scandal is coming to Prime Video this week.