Them Season 2 is not coming to Prime Video in April 2022

Them -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Them -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

We’re more than ready for horror. Them Season 1 brought us a lot of that, and now we’re waiting for Them Season 2. It’s not coming in April 2022.

If there is one horror series we’re keeping an eye on, it’s Them. The Amazon series received a lot of mixed reviews when the first season dropped, but we know that there’s more to come. You see, this series landed a two-season order when it was originally ordered.

The bad news is Them Season 2 wasn’t on the list of April releases on Prime Video. This isn’t surprising as it only marks a year since the first season dropped. However, that didn’t stop us from hoping for some sort of miracle.

When will Them Season 2 come to Prime Video?

We’re keeping an eye on this series, but there is nothing new to report right now. Them Season 2 is keeping things under wraps. This could be to help avoid spoilers, especially when it comes to the storyline involved.

The series was billed as an anthology series. That means we’re not picking up with what happened to the Emory family after they left their house and the white, racist neighborhood.

There is the chance for the cast to return, though. We could see the series do something like American Horror Story, which has seen actors take on vastly different characters between the seasons. We could also see the series do something else similar to American Horror Story, and that’s to eventually cross over between the seasons.

However, we are expecting a new set of characters and a new time period. The storylines will still be linked to race—and how Black people have often found the only safety is at home, but what happens when that safety is threatened by something supernatural?

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Them is available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest updates about Them Season 2.