The Outlaws Season 2 is not coming to Prime Video in April 2022

The Outlaws -- Courtesy of BBC/Amazon
The Outlaws -- Courtesy of BBC/Amazon /

After the excellency that was the first season, we need more of the British dramedy on our screens. We’ll have to wait for The Outlaws Season 2.

It’s rare to get a TV show that everyone is raving about. Usually, they remain relatively underrated, and that’s certainly happened with The Outlaws. It’s both excellent and overlooked, although there is still time. This is a series that only recently dropped on Prime Video.

We’re talking as recently as April 1. There is plenty of time to give the show a chance to find its audience.

The bad news is that with how recently the new series has dropped, there isn’t going to be a new season any time soon. We’re definitely not going to see The Outlaws Season 2 drop this month. We didn’t even need the full list of releases on Prime Video in April 2022 to know that.

The Outlaws Season 2 release date predictions

We can’t say for sure when the second season will arrive. The great news is that we will at least get the season. No, you won’t have found a recent renewal notice, but that’s not to say the series hasn’t landed a second season. This was one of those shows renewed ahead of the first season arriving.

It was back in 2021 that the news dropped about The Outlaws Season 2. We also learned that filming would happen right away. This was all thanks to the pandemic with writing work starting while production was shut down in 2020.

We could see the second season arrive within the second half of 2022. However, this is likely in the UK, and we’ll potentially see Prime Video hold the release for early 2023. It’s rare that we see a series bring two seasons in a year on Prime Video.

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The Outlaws is available to stream on Prime Video.