Upload Season 2 age rating: Is the series suitable for children?

Upload Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Upload Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

We’re all ready for Upload Season 2 on Prime Video. Is it something to watch with the kids? What is the Upload Season 2 age rating?

March 11. That’s the date we all have in our diaries. It’s when we’ll be able to binge-watch all seven episodes of the new Upload season.

Yes, this is a binge-watch. That means you’ll want to start the episodes as soon as they’re available. We know that can mean an early release in North America, so we’re getting ready for Thursday, March 10.

The question is whether you can start streaming right away. Will you need to wait for the kids to go to bed?

Upload Season 2 age rating

While the official age rating is just a guide, it tends to be a good guide for a lot of parents. It’s a chance to see if this series is intended for younger audiences, or whether it’s something to wait to watch once the kids are in bed.

The official Upload Season 2 age rating is TV-MA. This is the television equivalent to an R rating in movies. That means it’s designed for people aged 18 and older.

Different countries have different age ratings. For example, France, Italy, and Mexico are among the countries that say 16+. The UK has a 15 age rating and that’s the same as Australia.

When looking at recommendations from other parents, a 15–16 age rating is often stated. This is due to the moderate nudity and sex scenes. There is some profanity, but there isn’t that much in the way of drug use and fighting.

You know your children the best. If you think the first season is suitable for them, you’ll find the second season is probably okay.

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Upload Season 2 is on Prime Video on Friday, March 11.