Jack Ryan Season 3 is not coming to Prime Video in March 2022

Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jennifer Clasen/Amazon Studios
Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jennifer Clasen/Amazon Studios /

We’re more than ready to see John Krasinski back in action as Jack Ryan. The wait continues, as Jack Ryan Season 3 is not coming in March 2022.

There are a few Amazon shows that we can’t get enough of. Jack Ryan is one of them. It’s been an excellent adaptation of the Tom Clancy novels, with Krasinski portraying the titular character just right.

We’re all looking out for the new season. Jack Ryan Season 3 is happening, but we just don’t have a release date right now. What we do know is that it’s definitely not arriving in March 2022.

We didn’t really expect it to be. That didn’t stop us from double-checking the list of Amazon releases this month just in case. It’s definitely not on the list.

Jack Ryan Season 3 release date predictions

The last we heard, we are expecting the new season sometime this year. Filming has finished, and the show is currently in the post-production stage. It will also likely be in the pre-production stage of Jack Ryan Season 4, especially when it comes to writing. Yes, the fourth season is definitely happening.

The season is expected in the back half of the year. That means we’re probably looking at around fall 2022 for the release of the season. We’d love to see it in the summer, but a fall release would be perfect for such a big series. Of course, streamers don’t really follow the traditional TV release schedule, though.

Everyone is staying quiet on this series. We’re probably not going to get a release date until much closer to the time. However, we’d love to see something happen like with The Boys Season 3 and Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power release date news. We got those dates very early.

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Jack Ryan Season 3 is happening in 2022. Stay tuned for the exact release date on Prime Video.