Is Uncharted coming to Amazon?

Tom Holland and Sophia Taylor Ali star in Columbia Pictures' UNCHARTED. Photo by: Clay Enos
Tom Holland and Sophia Taylor Ali star in Columbia Pictures' UNCHARTED. Photo by: Clay Enos /

Uncharted is currently out in theaters, but you may want to wait until it streams at home. Will that streaming home be Prime Video?

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg star in the latest corny adventure movie, Uncharted. It’s currently out in theaters, but not everyone wants to head out there just now. You want to watch movies from the comfort of your own home, especially those that don’t have the greatest Rotten Tomatoes score.

It isn’t available to stream online just yet, but eventually, that will be the case. We just need to look at the production studio to figure out where it’s going to stream. There’s some bad news about this one.

Uncharted is not coming to Prime Video

The movie is from Sony. That used to be a good thing. While it wouldn’t come to Prime Video for free, it would head to STARZ. There was a way to watch with Prime Channels.

However, things have changed in 2022. Sony and Netflix now have a streaming deal. All Sony theatrical releases are heading to Netflix as the first streaming home.

This isn’t to say that it will never go to Prime Video in the future. However, it’s not going to be the first streaming platform for the movie.

Watch Uncharted on Amazon Video

There is a little bit of good news for those who like to buy movies on Digital. This is a movie that will get a Digital release, and that means it will be available to buy on Amazon Video.

You’ll pay once and the movie will be added to your Amazon Library. It’s there to watch as much as you want without ever paying for it again for as long as you have your Amazon account.

We don’t have a release date for this just yet. We’ve made a prediction, but we’ll be keeping an eye on the official releases.

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Uncharted is currently out in theaters.