What time is The Protégé coming to Prime Video?

Maggie Q stars in the newest action movie heading to Prime Video, The Protégé. What time can you stream it on the platform?

If you’re looking for an action movie to watch, you’re in luck at the end of this week. Lionsgate’s The Protégé is coming to Prime Video.

Maggie Q stars as the brilliant assassin Anna. After the deaths of her parents, she was raised by Moody to become the assassin that she is today. The two formed a bond, with her looking at him as a father figure.

Of course, things go wrong when Moody is killed. Naturally, Anna goes on a revenge mission. She will find out who killed him and why, and make sure that person pays heavily.

The movie comes from those behind the John Wick movies. However, it’s not necessarily set within the same universe. It would be fun to see John Wick and Anna come face to face, though.

The Protégé release time on Prime Video

What time can you watch the movie? This isn’t a global original, so it’s probably not going to get the early release that the likes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Wheel of Time have recently gained.

The Protégé will head to Prime Video probably at midnight ET on Friday, Feb. 25. This could be good for those on the west coast. There is a chance that it will drop around 9 p.m. PT on Thursday, Feb. 24. However, there isn’t a guarantee of this.

Critics have been mixed on the movie, judging by the Rotten Tomatoes score. However, audiences have enjoyed it. With it coming to Prime Video, you’re not spending extra money. It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours this coming weekend.

The Protégé will come to Prime Video by midnight local on Friday, Feb. 25.