Is Reacher renewed for Season 2?

Reacher -- Courtesy of Shane Mahood/Amazon Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Shane Mahood/Amazon Prime Video /

It’s been less than a week since Reacher Season 1 dropped on Prime Video. We already know the fate of the series. Is Season 2 happening?

There is no doubt that we’ve been ready for the first season of Reacher for some time. It dropped on Prime Video on Friday, Feb. 4. Naturally, we all started binge-watching it as soon as possible.

We weren’t expecting to hear much about the series or its renewal just yet. However, Prime Video has already made a decision about the series.

Is Reacher Season 2 happening?

TVLine confirmed the great news just three days after the series was made available globally. The series starring Alan Ritchman has been renewed for a second season.

We don’t yet know many details about it. The case has wrapped for the most part, but it’s clear that there is more to come for our favorite veteran military cop. With plenty of books by Lee Child to work through, we’re sure to see another intense case.

When does Reacher Season 2 start?

Now all eyes are on when the new season arrive. That’s something we just can’t answer yet.

It usually takes 14 to 18 months for Prime shows between seasons. With that in mind, we’re looking at April 2023 at the earliest. It could be as late as August 2023, but I doubt that. The longer waits are usually due to the amount of post-production needed, and this isn’t a series on the level of The Boys and The Expanse for visual effects.

Writing can start right away on the series now. The team will want to figure out which book they’re adapting next and the best way to break it down. We’ll be keeping an eye on when filming will start, which will help give us some sort of idea as to when the new season will arrive.

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Reacher is available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest updates about Season 2.