What is I Want You Back about?

I WANT YOU BACK -- Courtesy of Jessica Miglio/© 2021 Amazon Co
I WANT YOU BACK -- Courtesy of Jessica Miglio/© 2021 Amazon Co /

I Want You Back is heading to Prime Video this weekend in time for Valentine’s Day. What is the rom-com about?

What would you do if your partner broke up with you? That the main focus of the new Amazon Original Movie I Want You Back. In this, two people find themselves single on the same day, and it happens to be the day they meet.

Peter and Emma think that they’re following life’s plan. You know, the one that involves marriage and kids, and maybe that white picket fence? That is until they’re suddenly dumped.

To make matters worse, both of their ex-partners have moved on with other people already. What will Emma and Peter do?

I Want You Back synopsis

The two do the only thing they can, and it’s not move on. They decide to take down their former partners. They want to ruin these new relationships, and of course, as it’s a rom-com, there are some hilarious results.

We get a look at some of the results in the promo for the movie. We see Emma attempt to break up Peter’s former girlfriend and her new partner by suggesting a three-way. Peter takes Emma’s former boyfriend out on the town to encourage the single life. Just what could the two of them end up doing?

Well, things take a wrong turn at some point. Something happens and the two never discussed what to do when that was the case. What exactly happens? You’ll need to watch the movie to find that out.

I Want You Back cast

The movie has a standout cast. Charlie Day and Jenny Slate play Peter and Emma respectively. They’re joined by Gina Rodriguez, Scott Eastwood, and a bunch of exciting cameos throughout the movie.

There’s not long to wait for the movie. Get ready for the end of this week. It’ll be the perfect movie for Valentine’s Day weekend.

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I Want You Back is on Prime Video on Friday, Feb. 11.