I Want You Back and more streaming on Prime Video this week

I WANT YOU BACK -- Courtesy of Jessica Miglio/© 2021 Amazon Co
I WANT YOU BACK -- Courtesy of Jessica Miglio/© 2021 Amazon Co /

It’s a quiet week on Prime Video, but the end of the week does see some releases. Here’s what is streaming on Prime Video from Feb. 7 to 13.

After the big drop that happened at the start of the month, Prime Video is going a little quiet. There is nothing new streaming on Prime Video throughout the workweek. It’s all about the Friday drop.

Three releases are happening. Two of them are Amazon Originals and the other is a third-party movie. It’s time to delve into what you can watch new this week, but the rest of the week is a great time to watch all those releases from the first day of the month.

I Want You Back and more streaming on Prime Video

I Want You Back is certainly the biggest release of the week. The Amazon Original Movie stars Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Gina Rodriguez, and Scott Eastwood.

Peter and Emma are two strangers who happen to meet on the day their respective partners dump them. Misery loves company, right? Well, sometimes it can be dangerous when the two decide to help each other with a social media mission to spy on their former partners. They’ll do whatever they can to ruin their former partners’ chances at new love.

Sofia Niño de Rivera: Lo Volvería a Hacer is the other Amazon Original. The series is Sofia’s third comedy special in New York, with a crowd from all parts of Latin America. If you need a laugh—and who doesn’t right now?—this is a series to check out.

Finally, it’s all about the movie Homestay. This is a 2018 Thai movie, and we all know a lot of great content comes from this side of the world. The main character wakes up in a hospital morgue confused with the intention to escape. “The Guardian,” a group of people in the hospital, tell him that he’s been given a second chance at life and will be in the body of Min, a teenager who has killed himself.

It’s up to the protagonist to discover the reasons for Min’s actions. He has 100 days to do it or he will die permanently.

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What are you streaming on Prime Video this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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