Is Promised Land on Amazon?


Promised Land is one of the new shows currently airing on broadcast TV. What about streaming online? Can you stream Promised Land on Prime Video?

If you love dramas that involve rich families battling it out between each other, you’ll want to check out the new series Promised Land. The series follows two Latinx families vying for control and power in the same part of Sonoma Valley, California.

The series has only just got started. It currently airs on Mondays at 10/9c, following new episodes of The Bachelor. The big question for many is where you can go to catch up online.

Promised Land is not on Prime Video

If you were hoping to watch the new series on Prime Video with your Prime membership, you’ll be disappointed. This is not a series that heads to Amazon Prime Video. It’s probably not going to head there at all; at least, no time in the near future.

The series is an ABC series. Since Disney owns ABC and Hulu, it makes sense that the episodes head to Hulu to stream with that subscription. This is where the season will remain, and there likely won’t be a deal made with another streaming platform.

Watch Promised Land on Amazon Video

There is a way to watch with Amazon, though. It’s all about Amazon Instant Video. This is different to Prime Video.

Instant Video makes it possible to buy the episodes on Digital. You can purchase the full season, although you’ll only get access to the first two episodes right now. The episodes will be added directly to your Amazon Library as soon as they are available, which is usually the day after a new episode airs on ABC.

This series will also eventually head to DVD. You’ll be able to buy that via Amazon.

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Promised Land airs on ABC on Mondays at 10/9c.