Upload Season 2 premiere date set for March 2022

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

The wait for Upload Season 2 is almost over. It’s premiering less than two years from the first season dropped on Prime Video. Here’s everything we know so far.

Since finding out that filming wrapped fairly early last year, we’ve waited patiently for a premiere date. We had hoped it meant a late 2021 premiere date, but that wasn’t meant to be. Post-production does take a long time on a show like this with all the graphics.

The good news is Prime Video has set the date for the second season. We’ll soon get to see what’s next for Nathan, especially now that he’s downgraded himself and Ingrid has now uploaded herself. Also, what’s going on with Nora, whose life in the real world is in danger?

Upload Season 2 premiere date on Prime Video

We’ll get to see the second season very soon. The official release date for Upload Season 2 is Friday, March 11.

There’s even better news for those who like to binge-watch a whole series. Upload is going to release all seven episodes of the season at once. You’ll want to book out the entire weekend for this release.

Upload Season 2 synopsis

What can we expect in the new season? Well, Nathan is at a crossroads in the afterlife. Ingrid thought that uploading herself will strengthen their relationship, but Nathan doesn’t love her. He wants to be with Nora, who was his Angel and is on the run to protect her life right now.

Nora has gone completely off the grid and is now involved with “The Ludds,” an anti-tech rebel group. Nora isn’t completely against technology, though, so it’s clear that her involvement with this group is more about self-preservation than anything else.

We’ll get to see many of those from the first season again, while also hopefully figuring out who had Nathan killed in the first place. We’ll also get to see a new digital program called “Prototykes,” which is an in-app digital baby program. What’s the betting that Ingrid wants it?

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Upload Season 2 premieres on Friday, March 11 on Prime Video.