Is The Expanse on Prime Video tonight?

The Expanse Season 6 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse Season 6 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Things weren’t fully wrapped up at the end of the previous episode of The Expanse. Is there more to the story that will air on Prime Video tonight, Friday, Jan. 21?

Six episodes were definitely not enough to get through the end of the story. There were a lot of storylines left in the air, including the one on one of the ring planets. We have a lot of questions, but we’re not getting any answers.

There isn’t a new episode of The Expanse on tonight. The previous episode was the series finale. Yes, series finale. That’s it of the entire show.

Will The Expanse Season 7 happen on Prime Video in the future?

With how things ended, we need more to the story. Sure, the Roci family managed to find a way to save the universe from Marco’s evil plan. They even managed it technically without killing him. Nobody really knows what happened to him when he went through the Ring Gate as the creatures woke up.

However, there were a lot of questions with how it all ended. We need answers, and we’re sadly not going to get them.

When The Expanse was renewed for a sixth season, it came with the knowledge that it would be the final season. This was disappointing news in itself, but we’d hoped that with the time, the series would be able to wrap everything up. Now that we’ve seen the finale, we’re not going to get that at all.

The showrunners are more than happy to keep things going. If Amazon gave them another season, it’s clear that they’d run with it. Now we just have to petition Amazon to give us that season, or even just a spin-off series about some of the characters.

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The Expanse is available to stream in full on Prime Video.