As We See It is coming to Prime Video tonight (January 21)

As We See It -- Courtesy of Ali Goldstein / © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC
As We See It -- Courtesy of Ali Goldstein / © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC /

Are you ready for a dramedy with an inclusive twist? As We See It brings us the life of twentysomethings on the autism spectrum. All episodes will arrive on Prime Video tonight.

We’re ready for something different, and that’s exactly what Prime Video is bringing. All episodes of As We See It are dropping tonight as a binge-watch.

The official release time is midnight GMT on Friday, Jan. 21. This is great news for those of us hours behind the UK. We’ll get the new episodes around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT thanks to time zones. This isn’t guaranteed, of course. However, it does happen way more than it doesn’t, so we’re expecting it.

What is As We See It about?

The new series follows three twentysomethings who are roommates. They’re all looking for love, friends, and stable jobs. However, they’re all doing it while being on the autism spectrum. All three actors are also on the autism spectrum, so this is a series that is striving for inclusivity.

We’ll get a chance to see the three characters navigate a world that isn’t made for them. They need to figure out how to fit into a world where they don’t fit. The good news is they have support from others around them, and that even includes each other. They have family and friends there to support them when they struggle and celebrate their achievements.

There are certainly going to be some lows. At the same time, there are going to be a lot of highs. There are dramatic and serious moments, and then there are those that are going to have you laughing out loud.

For those looking for something different and positive, As We See It is going to be a series for you.

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As We See It is on Amazon Prime Video tonight.