The Expanse series finale ending explained: What happened to Marco?

The Expanse Season 6 -- Courtesy of Shane Mahood/Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse Season 6 -- Courtesy of Shane Mahood/Amazon Prime Video /

Everyone threw what they had against Marco and his Free Navy in The Expanse series finale. What happened to Marco? How did it all end?

With such a short season, there wasn’t time to wrap every story up. I’m still intrigued by the dogs and what happened on one of the ring planets. We need a spin-off series focused there. I’d love to see the development of one of the ring planets.

Instead, the focus needed to be on taking Marco and his Free Navy down. The Inners and Belters who stood with Dummer went up against him, but it wasn’t enough. Marco was ready and it almost cost the lives of Amos and Bobbie. Fortunately, they made it out alive, and then they needed to figure out how they could take Marco down.

Did Marco die on The Expanse series finale?

Holden had admitted that it was Filip that stopped him from taking out the ship in a previous episode. Naomi made it clear that she would never blame Holden for Filip’s death. Filip has made his bed.

However, she did find a way that would possibly help Filip survive. Instead of throwing torpedos at ships, why not send all their firepower at one of the rings just as Marco was going through it.

Up to this point, they knew that entities within the rings were being woken up and they were angry. Throwing a lot at the rings at once would awake the entities more than just one ship going through. So, that’s what the Roci did.

It seemed to work. Marco’s ship went through. We don’t know what happens to these ships afterward. However, we do see Filip head out on his own at the very end while the rest of the crew praises Marco. Filip changes his name to “Filip Nagata,” which makes it clear that after everything, he realizes that his mother was never the enemy.

Peace in space on The Expanse?

The ending for everyone else involves negotiating peace. Of course, that’s not going to be all that easy. Once again, Drummer notes that the Inners are making promises but it doesn’t seem like they’re going to go through with them. She doesn’t trust the Inners, and for good reason. They don’t even take her at her word.

But everyone needs to figure out a way to manage the transportation through the rings. Holden is the one that helps to make it clear that they all need to work together and the Belters need some respect from the Inners. Marco wasn’t all wrong in the way that the Belters have been treated for so long.

Avasarala figures out a way to handle the transportation situation. How about someone who is neutral to take over? Holden is that guy.

He accepts and they negotiate terms, but Holden has thought ahead. He made Drummer his Vice President. Then his first act was to resign and make Drummer President. Avasarala wasn’t happy about that decision and threatened to overturn everything. Holden hopes that she doesn’t and that she shows that she is willing to trust Drummer. Can she take action to bring peace?

It means Holden and his Roci family can fly off into the metaphorical sunset. They are free to go about their lives. Holden spends some time brainstorming what they can do, but Naomi stops him. Can they just enjoy the peace for now?

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