Dune and more coming to DVD and Blu-ray this week (January 11)

It’s a new week and we’re seeing a good selection of movies and shows coming to DVD and Blu-ray. Here’s a look at the list this week.

Another week brings more content on DVD and Blu-ray. This is a good week. While there are only eight releases happening, there are some big movies and shows to buy.

Dune is likely the biggest. Based on the book by Frank Herbert, it has received some excellent reviews for the storytelling and cinematography. It’s certainly going to be something worth adding to your collection.

Cobra Kai, Halloween Kills, and more

If you’re more into horror, you’ll be happy to hear that Halloween Kills is on DVD and Blu-ray. The movie is the sequel in the rebooted series which wipes out most of the events from many other sequels in the franchise.

Spencer is a movie for those who are fans of biopics. Kristen Stewart impresses as Lady Diana Spencer, and her story of marrying and divorcing from the Royal Family.

For the TV show fans out there, there are a couple of new releases to look out for. The first is Cobra Kai Season 3. Sure, Season 4 is now on Netflix, but you can still add the seasons to your collection if you got the first two seasons.

You can also add the newest season of Billions to your collection. It’s not a season to miss.

Everything coming to DVD and Blu-ray this week

  • Billions Season 5
  • Cobra Kai Season 3
  • Dune
  • Halloween Kills
  • Heart of Champions
  • I’m Your Man
  • Mass
  • Spencer

What are you getting on DVD and Blu-ray this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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